The company has set the vision of the organization as follows.
“Bringing the organization to the goal of providing the best service to customers, partners and creating good standards in the organization, including personnel within the organization to have competitiveness and service.”

The missions that must be performed are as follows:
1. Customers : Facilitate and become good partners
2. Shareholders : Operate a business that generates continuous growth returns.
3. Employees: develop personnel to be efficient. working knowledge including creating value together with society
4. Community and Society : Cooperate and develop with the community Local government agencies
To make the vision and mission to achieve the objectives of the organization set Therefore, the company has set a strategy that must be implemented as follows.
1. Focus on efficient work and effectiveness to reduce errors and loss in every process as much as possible
2. Comply with customer requirements for quality and service. as well as improving satisfaction in every process as much as possible
3. Operate with partners with fairness and honesty, as well as build good relationships with partners to ensure service and work including the ordered equipment of the required quality and sufficient
4. Ensure that employees receive adequate, appropriate and continuous training, understand the operating standards system.
5.Analysis and evaluation For the development, improvement of the management to be effective continuously in the same direction.
6. Committed to complying with the relevant covenants
Therefore, I would like to convey to employees at all levels. including those involved mutual understanding and implement them seriously and continuously
7. Maintain the existing customer base firmly
8. Looking for joint venture partners to expand business to foreign countries